Meerkat Village includes auto-generated reports on the completion of accepted Do's. To access your reports, click the Reports icon at the bottom of the screen.

Reports are centered around a child's progress and can be filtered by asking the following questions:

  • What? Do I need more information on an adult behavior (Do) or a child's response when given opportunities (Track)?
  • Who? Do I want to view data for my own tasks or view data for all villagers?
  • When? How far back is data relevant?

Depending on your role in a child's life, Meerkat Village's robust reporting can provide the insight you need in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Here are some examples of how reporting on Do's might benefit you or other villagers:

As a teacher, the child and I have been working on transitioning smoothly from one class to another. I proposed a Do wherein I remind the child that the class is ending in 5 minutes. I accepted the Do and so did the child's other 2 teachers. I want to review how frequently this Do is being completed so I use the following filters:

What? Do

Who? All Villager Do's 

When? 4 Weeks

This data can help me determine if the other teachers and I are being consistent or if we need to implement a different technique. Do's can also be paired with Tracks to determine if the task is effective in helping the child choose the desired response.

As a teacher, I've noticed that the child I work with is inconsistent in bringing their homework. I proposed a Do wherein the parent puts the homework folder on the counter as a reminder for the child to pack them in his backpack. The parents have accepted this Do and have been noting this task is completed each day. As time has passed, I have noticed that the child is still inconsistent in bringing their homework. I review the reports using the following filters:

What? Do 

Who? All Villager Do's 

When? 2 Weeks