Meerkat Village is centered around Team, Do, and Track. Do's are adult behaviors that support a child's progress. For example, a guardian might remind a child that bedtime is coming in order to prevent a meltdown, or a teacher might praise a child when they remember to bring their homework. Both are examples of an adult task or behavior that supports the child and their goals.

A child's village can propose, accept, and record these adult behaviors but a Do can be most effective when it is well-written and understood by everyone.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you write your successful Do:

  • Gather your information. Before writing, ensure you know the task, the adult who should complete it, and how often it should be completed.
  • Be specific. Because each Do should be clear and understood by all, define the action or task that should be completed. For example, instead of "Try to catch Johnny being good" say "When Johnny is making appropriate choices, smile and talk to him about those choices."
  • Be brief. Describe the action in as few words as possible to ensure it is clear and concise.  Doing so allows villagers to clearly understand the Do and allows them to review the Do in its entirety.
  • Be positive. Use language that describes what should be completed instead of describing what should not be completed. For example, say "Use a calm voice when redirecting Johnny" rather than saying "Do not raise your voice when redirecting Johnny."

By being thoughtful about your Do, you can ensure your expectations match those of other villagers.