Meerkat Village empowers villagers to set their own notifications and do not disturb hours.  You can manage your app settings by clicking the bell icon in the top right corner and then the gear icon.

You can select:

  • Face ID for Login – Use Face ID to authenticate your device to login.
  • Do Not Disturb – You’ll be notified of every new message except when Do Not Disturb is turned on.  This section allows you to set the daily hours for Do Not Disturb. 
  • All new messages – You’ll be notified of every new message.
  • Mentions and Keywords – You’ll be notified when another villager mentions you or uses one of your keywords (defined below)
  • Do and Track Proposals – You’ll be notified for every Do or Track that is proposed.
  • Kudokat Received – You’ll be notified for every Kudokat you receive.
  • Villager Requests – You’ll be notified every time a villager requests another villager to be added to any village you’re a host of

My Keywords – You can be notified when someone enters a message with any of your keywords.  For example, you can enter your first name or last name as keywords, and you’ll be notified when anyone uses your name in a message.  

After changing your app settings, be sure to Save the changes.