The Team Table allows villagers to communicate current needs while collaborating to identify new strategies and treatments that uniquely fit the child. You can find the Team Table at any time by clicking Team at the bottom of your screen.

Post a message

1. Type your message into the message box at the bottom of the Team Table.

2. After your message is complete, click the send icon on the right-hand side.


Edit or remove a Do or Track

Sometimes you may need to edit or remove a proposed Do or Track.  

1. Find the proposed Do or Track on the Team Table you'd like to edit or delete.

2. Click the pen icon on the upper left to edit.

3. [If editing] Update your message as desired and click Update Do or Update Trac.

4. [If deleting] Click click Remove and the bottom of the Edit window.  Click Confirm to verify that you would like to remove the Proposed Do or Track. 


Give a Kudokat

Villagers can provide praise and positive feedback by giving a Kudokat to messages.

1. Click the message you would like to praise.

2. Click the Kudokat icon below the message. You will see a Kudokat icon change colors at the bottom of the message.


Accept a Do or Track

Any villager can accept a proposed Do or Track. If you are the intended villager, you can review the Do or Track on the Team Table. When you are ready, you can accept by following the steps below:

1. From within the Team Table, scroll to your desired Proposed Do or Track.

2. Click I'll Do It or I’ll Track It.  If you disagree or are not yet ready to accept, you can collaborate further in the Team Table. When ready, you can propose a new Do that can be accepted with the correct action and steps.

3. Once accepted, your Do or Track will appear on the Do or Track tab.



Meerkat Tip

When Appropriate, more than 1 villager can accept a Do.