The Team Table is the first place you will land when you log in to Meerkat Village. Communication is a key aspect of Meerkat Village and the Team Table is a villager's portal to breaking down silos and collaborating with a child's entire team.

See 10 great ways to use the Team Table below:

  1. Introduce yourself and welcome new villagers.
  2. Share information such as services received or planned.
  3. Work out roles and responsibilities.
  4. Share concerns, such as behaviors noticed, or responses observed.
  5. Explore concerns together and share experiences to ensure villagers have a holistic view of the child.
  6. Propose a Do, which is an adult task or strategy.
  7. Propose a Track, which is a way to measure a child’s progress.
  8. Collaboratively share your Do so the right task is completed by the right villager(s).
  9. Accept a Do or a Track.
  10. Celebrate success and give Kudokats to team members.