Tracks measure a child's progress toward their goals. Meerkat Village empowers villagers to follow a child's progress to determine the next steps and the most appropriate treatment. The Track tab allows villagers to see the Tracks they have accepted and those accepted by other villagers.

Here are some steps to using the Track tab more efficiently:

  1. Tracks are ways of measuring a child’s behavior in response to a routine-based opportunity.
  2. Tracks have three components: a situation and the child’s desired and undesired responses.
  3. Anyone can propose a Track from the Track tab.
  4. Consider using your daily schedule to define opportunities.
  5. Consider using interactions to define opportunities.
  6. Consider using difficult situations to define opportunities.
  7. When defining the opportunity, consider questions like “When would I like to see the child make the choice?  How will the child know it is time to make the choice?”
  8. When defining the desired response, consider questions like “Is the child able to do the response?  Do I need to break the desired response down into smaller steps or pre-skills?”
  9. Accept tracks by clicking I’ll Track it.  Note: More than one villager can accept the same Track.
  10. Check out the report page to see the child’s progress in graph form.