Below are a few example Tracks to help your team get started. If you want more direction on writing effective Tracks, see more information here.

Opportunity: Response to a Peer in Social Situation

  • Undesired Response: Looks away from peer and doesn't respond
  • Desired Response: Looks and peer and response

Opportunity: Hallway Transitions

  • Undesired Response: Invades space of others, destroys property, drops to the floor
  • Desired Response: Moves with class and remains in their own space

Opportunity: Encounter Frustration

  • Undesired Response: Uses aggression, such as throwing items or yelling
  • Desired Response: Pause, take 3 breaths, try again, or ask for help

Opportunity: Encounter Frustration in school assignment

  • Undesired Response: Destroys the assignment or materials, yells, or pounds his fists
  • Desired Response: Labels his emotions