Meerkat Village includes auto-generated reports on the completion of accepted Tracks. To access your reports, click the Reports icon at the bottom of your screen.

Village reports are centered around a child's progress and can be filtered by asking the following questions:

  • What? Do I need more information on adult behavior (Do) or a child's response when given opportunities (Track)?
  • Who? Do I want to view data for my own tasks or view data for all villagers?
  • When? How far back is data relevant?

Depending on your role in a child's life, Meerkat Village's robust reporting can provide the insight you need in a simple, easy-to-read format.

Here are some examples of how reporting on Tracks might benefit you or other villagers:

As a therapist, the family and I are working on improving the child's response to bedtime. I proposed a Track so the parents could track the child's reaction each evening after being reminded of bedtime. The parents accepted the Track and have been reporting the child's responses each night. Now that some time has passed, I would like to view the child's responses to being told it's bedtime. To obtain this data, I choose:

What? Track 

Who? All Villager Tracks

 When? 4 Weeks

Armed with this data, I can determine if our current strategies help the child transition to bedtime or if we should implement additional treatment and support.